Therapeutic Support Groups at Fertility and Total Health Acupuncture Are Forming Now


At times, infertility can be a lonely and confusing struggle, but not one that has to be faced alone.

Infertility is one of the most serious emotional and physical crises that a person or couple may ever face. We know the holiday season can be one of the most difficult times to be experiencing fertility difficulties.

Many people experience severe feelings of grief, sadness, loss and anxiety. A diagnosis of infertility can also cause feelings of inadequacy in both partners. It may place extreme stress on all relationships including the couple, family, friendships and even work life. The experience of infertility is a chronic stressor. It can become an oppressive feeling that overshadows your day. Left bottled up inside, it can lead to severe feelings of depression, worry, anxiety and even obsessive thinking, thus affecting every aspect of your life both day and night.

Group is a place to relieve and release this tension and anxiety. As you share your feelings they become less oppressive. You find you are more balanced and have less negative or depressive feelings throughout the day. Group can not eliminate your chronic stressors but it can help you cope with them and get more enjoyment out of life while you deal with the pain and sadness.  Some of the benefits of attending group sessions are:

Receive help and  encouragement  from others who are going through the same struggles you are.

Receive expert advice in an atmosphere of empathy and compassion.

Learn ways of coping with the chronic stress of infertility such as mindfulness meditation,  breathing and guided imagery.

Learn to enjoy life while facing what might be your most difficult challenge ever.

The shared stories and support you receive in groups, decreases your feeling of loneliness and increases your sense of hope for the future.

Treating infertility can be very costly. The GOOD NEWS is; Group therapy is not only very effective, it is also very affordable.

Groups for couples and individuals are forming at Fertility and Total Health Acupuncture Now. You do not have to be an Acupuncture patient to join.

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